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With nearly 1 Billion users, Myspace® is now the center of our digital entertainment universe! Never before has there existed a social networking venue that allows you to reach millions of fans online!

As an Indie Artist, now you can leverage the marketing power of Myspace by exposing your music to millions of Myspace users!!

GoBig! offers several AFFORDABLE, yet PROVEN promotion solutions for Myspace indie lables and artists looking to "Stand out from the Crowd". Our industry leading e-promotion services will increase your visibility by driving Traffic to your Myspace Profile, Music, and Videos, helping you get that competitive advantage!

Ever wondered how artists like "Tila Tequila" appeared to come from no where just a few years ago and now enjoy seemingly overnight celebrity on Myspace? Ever wondered how she got the attention of MTV and other major media outlets? Well she put in the hard work for sure, but she also discovered the power of promoting her page, marketing herself online and religiously building her fanbase with the aid of our industry leading promotion services!

"Our promotions team will help you boost traffic, get more exposure, be more competitive... and do it affordably!" Rick, CEO

Over 25,000 satisfied clients Worldwide!

Whether your in Austin or Australia, we can help you get more exposure in your regional market by driving targeted traffic to your music, videos and profile! In most cases, you're able to see significant same-day results-regardless of time zone!

Our system is powered by our G8 Network™ which allows us to target music promotion to over 300+ million Mypace users. "Targeting" promotions enables us to select fans to promote to based on profile demographics - like country, age, sex, musical preferences, and more!

Targeted exposure is extremely valuable in today's hyper-competitive music market. Targeting means if you're a R&B artist trying to reach 30-60 year old R&B fans, you're not wasting precious time or money promoting to 15 year old Myspace techno fans! Instead you're promoting specifically to R&B fans who fit your target demographic. Your 'targeted' fans are more likely to buy your music, merchandise and attend your shows! Targeted promotion has proven to be the most effective way of promoting your music on Myspace and getting more meaningful exposure!

Rank Higher on the Myspace Top Artist Charts!

Click to Enlarge!Securing your ranking on the Myspace Top Artist Charts is critical to your success on Myspace! We can improve your ranking as high as #1 Worldwide!!

The Myspace Top Artists charts are viewed by millions of users daily, including labels,club promoters, Major Media & Fans!

See why over 25,000 Top Artists have chosen our team to help them get to the Next Level!

If you're serious about your career, and you make great music, trust our services to get you the real exposure your music career deserves.

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